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Patrick Stewart, as the world’s most powerful telepath, apparently knows a few things that us homo sapiens do not. Unfortunately, though, his clairvoyance is limited to the future of the X-Men movie series. Speaking with The Oregonian about Match—a movie that is not about The X-Men—Stewart confirmed that he won’t be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, but he says that Ian McKellen’s Magneto will be in it. That goes against a rumor we heard back in January that claimed neither of the elderly mutant leaders would be in Apocalypse, which would’ve made perfect sense, since it takes place in the ‘80s. Stewart is deeply involved in these movies, though, so he’d probably know who’s in them. Besides, what idiot started that rumor about them not being in it anyway? Oh, it was Patrick Stewart? Well, whatever.

In that same Oregonian interview, Stewart also claimed that he might be in the next Wolverine movie—a sequel that even Hugh Jackman isn’t sure he’ll be in. Stewart says it would be a Wolverine/Professor Xavier team-up adventure, making it “a very different sort of X-Men.” Whether he’s right about that or not, one thing is certain: Some of the X-Men will be in the next few X-Men movies.


[via Indiewire]

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