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Patrick Stewart remains adorable, can’t stop laughing at this silly Christmas hat

In his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Sir Patrick Stewart was once seen as the stodgy, cold alternative to the id-driven Captain Kirk. Whereas the latter was all swagger and hooking up with green women, Picard was a calculating, erudite man who only rarely macked on alien lifeforms. As if to make up for all that lost time being seen as serious, and with the addition of his new wife, Stewart seems to have launched a charm offensive over the past few years. And boy howdy, has it ever been successful.

It began with the beloved actor displaying his astounding “quadruple take” chops to his then-girlfriend Sunny Ozell. This was swiftly followed up by the once and future Professor X announcing his marriage to Ozell by tweeting a photo of them in a ball pit. This was merely the beginning of his plans to rule the world through adorable photos, however, as it was followed up by pictures of Stewart as a lobster in a bathtub and Stewart posing with Sir Ian McKellen in their Waiting For Godot hats in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.


Since then, there have been a few other, smaller moments in Sir Patrick’s bid to unseat George Takei as patron saint of the Internet. Luckily, the holidays always bring out the big guns, and this year brings us a video in which Locutus of the Borg has to wear a singing Santa hat without laughing. The hat in question flails about while emitting a ghastly tune like some sort of punch drunk Sorting Hat, and ultimately Stewart fails. But where he loses, we all win as we get to see the glee slowly overtake his otherwise calm demeanor. Resistance is futile.

[Via Vulture]

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