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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Patrick Stewart exudes grace, humility, and elegance, which is why it’s so funny when he’s given stupid and/or gross things to say. GQ has capitalized on this by producing a new video that finds one of our greatest thespians reading one-star reviews of famous monuments alongside an IKEA globe.

Stewart’s delivery is especially spirited, as if he and Ian McKellen just polished off a bottle of Wiston Estate Blanc De Blancs 2010 over a game of contract bridge.


“Like, can’t it be a ride or something?” one review asks of the Statue Of Liberty. Another slams New York’s National History Museum because they “just don’t like stuffed animals.” Stewart is amusing through it all, but it’s the prolonged “s” he laces onto his pronunciation of “hamburgers” that makes this a must-watch.

And, of course, no bout of Stewart comedy is unfinished without revisiting his 2005 appearance on Extras, still one of this century’s greatest pieces of comedy.

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