Screenshot: Ethan Eubanks/YouTube

Noted Brit Patrick Stewart got in the July Fourth spirit this year by announcing his latest endeavor: a retro country music career. Yes, apparently Stewart embraced the American West so much that he made an album, Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics. An infomercial-style ad for the recording—via YouTube, of course—features Stewart crooning tunes like “Rawhide” and “Ghost Riders In The Sky.” It also includes a cameo from his wife, actual singer Sunny Ozell. Unsurprisingly, Stewart commits to the role as seriously as he’s committed to past parts like Professor X, Macbeth, and Ian McKellen’s BFF. He also looks damn good in the hat.

The full album is allegedly “sold out.” However, a sampler is available. And it turns out this gag is for more than just laughs: The proceeds from sales will go to the International Rescue Committee.