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Patrick Stewart confirms he’ll be in Wolverine 3, just like he said he might

Patrick Stewart in The Wolverine

Like some kind of thespian Babe Ruth, Patrick Stewart called his role in the next Wolverine movie before even Hugh Jackman had definitely come on board (with luggage). Okay, so he didn’t know for sure that Charles Xavier would make an appearance when he said he’d probably appear in the film, but he can’t see the future. That’s not even his pretend-mutant power.

Here to clear up all this speculation about whether or not Patrick Stewart will appear in a Wolverine movie is Patrick Stewart. In an interview with Collider, the actor confirmed that the film is in development and that Professor X would be around for more than a post-credits cameo. When asked about the “Old Man Logan” plot rumors, Stewart said he loves the idea of aging Hugh Jackman with prosthetics so that his character looks downright spry.


After establishing that Stewart will star in Wolverine 3, Collider posits that Professor X could take the place of one of the key players in the “Old Man Logan” storyline, because 20th Century Fox doesn’t have the rights to certain non-mutant characters. That’s just what we need—another Wolverine-related mystery.

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