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Patrick Fischler and David Dastmalchian join Twin Peaks

According to Deadline, two more residents have found themselves in the idyllic town of Twin Peaks, Washington, a place where the coffee is damn fine, the pie is possessed by evil spirits, and the overarching mysteries are better left unsolved. The new faces are Patrick Fischler and David Dastmalchian, two guys who happen to have experience playing mysterious and off-putting characters, so they should fit in pretty well on Twin Peaks. Fischler has recently appeared on Silicon Valley and Once Upon A Time, but he also worked with Twin Peaks’ David Lynch on Mulholland Drive. Despite having a role in Ant-Man last year, though, Dastmalchian is slightly less famous. He’s probably best known for playing the Joker thug in The Dark Knight who was wearing a “Rachel Dawes” name tag and got roughed up a little by Harvey Dent—even if he barely had any lines in that movie.

They’ll be joining a whole bunch of other new people in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival when it premieres at some point in 2017.


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