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Photo: Michael Buckner (Apple)

Ben Stiller’s upcoming Apple TV+ series Severance is turning into an
Escape At Dannemora reunion, with a press release today announcing that Patricia Arquette will be co-starring in the streaming series. Stiller is directing, as he did with Dannemora, and Arquette will be joining previously cast co-star Adam Scott (who joined the series back in November). Severance is going to be a grim workplace hellscape, with the aforementioned press release saying it’s about a company called Lumen Industries that’s “looking to take work-life balance to a new level.” Scott is playing “an employee with a dark past trying to put himself back together,” and Arquette will be playing his boss at Lumen.


The press release refers to the show as a “thriller,” so it’s hard to judge what the tone will be or what bad thing this company is up to, but it’s probably not literal severing, right? (Because it’s called Severance?) That would be more horror than thriller, but we’ll just have to wait and see—though the press release doesn’t mention a premiere date.

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