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Patricia Arquette, the actress last seen winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Boyhood, then being chewed up and spit out by the internet outrage machine for her acceptance speech for said award, is preparing to write her memoirs, according to The Associated Press.

And while we’re sure Arquette has some things to say about that experience, her life should make for some pretty compelling reading overall—she was married to Nicolas Cage for nine months, after all, which is several lifetimes in non-Nicolas Cage years. Then there’s her family: Arquette’s mother appeared in a handful of sexploitation movies, including Olga’s House Of Shame and something called Too Young, Too Immoral, under the name Brenda Denaut in the early ’60s. Her father, brothers David and Richmond, and sisters Alexis and Rosanna are all actors as well, meaning that there’s probably some pretty intense sibling rivalry going on at the Thanksgiving table, especially now that there’s an Oscar winner in the family. Plus, you can find out if she actually believed in all of that psychic crap on Medium. No release date for the book has been set.


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