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(Images: Boyhood/The Rocker)

A new ’80s comedy is going to put a serious crimp in Patricia Arquette’s style—according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar winner has just signed on to star in Colette Burson’s Permanent. The comedy is set in the ’80s, and will follow a family in the American South that’s just obsessed with hair. Arquette will presumably play the well-coiffed (or not) matriarch; she’s joined in the cast by Rainn Wilson, who’s already declared his excitement about working with the Boyhood star and Burson while “wearing a toupée and dressing exactly like my dad circa 1982.”

Wilson previously sported a questionable ’80s ’do in 2008’s The Rocker, but Arquette’s rarely had an onscreen bad hair day (not even in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors). Michael Greene (Batteries Not Included, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes, we think?) and newcomer Kira McLea will also be backcombing their hair for the comedy. Burson, who created HBO’s Hung, is directing from her own script.


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