(Photo: Getty Images, Al Pereira)

Because apparently the music video for “Love Is A Battlefield” didn’t tell the story well enough (and also probably because it wasn’t an accurate depiction of her life), there will soon be a Broadway musical about rock icon Pat Benatar and her husband/longtime guitarist Neil Giraldo. That’s according to Deadline, which says the musical’s book will be written by Gary Lennon, a writer who has worked on Power, Orange Is The New Black, Justified, and The Shield, nearly all of which could’ve been improved with the addition of some rockin’ Pat Benatar tunes. Deadline says the people behind the musical describe it as “fast paced, hard-hitting, and heartbreaking” (but not “Heartbreaker-ing,” for some reason), and it will reportedly follow the trend started by stuff like Jersey Boys, Rock Of Ages, and On Your Feet by prominently featuring Benatar’s music.

The project doesn’t seem to have a title yet, but that’s probably because the producers are taking their time picking the absolute best Pat Benatar song to use. “Love Is A Battlefield” seems like the obvious choice, since the musical will be about her and her husband, but we already referenced that song up above so it seems a little repetitive to bring it up again. Maybe “We Belong” would work, but it’s not as snappy as a title and the song isn’t nearly as good. If it were just about her, they could use “Invincible” or maybe “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” but again, “Love Is A Battlefield” is just a way better song. Seriously, if they don’t use that, we’re just going to steal it and make our own Pat Benatar musical.