Despite the fact that his recent big-budget space epic Passengers under-performed at the box office—and picked up an unwholesome reputation as “a fantasy of Stockholm Syndrome” from critics—Oscar-nominated director Morten Tyldum has lined up his next gig. Tyldum will direct the pilot for Amazon’s new Tom Clancy series Jack Ryan, where it’ll presumably be his job to tell John Krasinski to stop staring at the damn camera and just shoot someone already.

Tyldum’s past projects include The Imitation Game and the well-received Norwegian thriller Headhunters. Krasinski, meanwhile, has been working to de-Jim his résumé with manly fare like Michael Bay’s 13 Hours. Starring opposite Abby Cornish and The Wire’s Wendell Pierce, the former Office star will be the fifth Hollywood actor to date to play Clancy’s Jack Ryan, a C.I.A. analyst turned terrorist-battling superspy.