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Partyboi69 and Vic Berger's "Bathe With Me" video is the horniest thing we've ever seen

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Screenshot: PartiBoi69

Cult hero and Australian rave icon Partiboi69 is here to steam up your windows with “Bathe With Me,” a booming, synth-driven ode to the old adage that “you gotta be dirty to get clean.” The song’s accompanying video is as strange as any in the wanton artist’s oeuvre, but comes with the addition of offbeat editing by Vic Berger, who lingers on Partiboi69's dazzling karate and inviting splashes. The man himself calls it “wettest, most seductive visual masterpiece from me so far.”

The singer’s sunglassed, ‘stasche-forward aesthetic evokes the ‘80s-era hunks of yesteryear, while his affection for candelabras and brass instruments conjure up visions of a bygone romanticism. If seduction is not a grown man playing trumpet in a bathwater warmed to 69 degrees, what is?


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