Proof that Canadians are not just like us: Toronto mayor Rob Ford has admitted to smoking a little bit of crack and a whole bunch of pot while in office, regularly livens up Toronto’s nightlife with his drunken antics, was almost kicked out of a hockey game over the weekend, and the public is just now starting to lose their patience with him. (Actually, getting kicked out of a sporting event would probably get you re-elected in several U.S. states, but still.)

Now you too can experience what impunity feels like with Crackathon (aka Rob Ford: The Video Game), a free 8-bit platformer created by two students at the University Of Waterloo. In the game, players must increase their “party level” by consuming as much crack, marijuana, and whiskey as possible while avoiding cops and the media. This isn’t the first time Canada’s drunk uncle has been immortalized in video game form, but it is the first time that you get impeached when public opinion (i.e., the timer) runs out.