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Party Down’s Ryan Hansen goes from Bad Teacher to Bad Judge

According to Deadline, Party Down’s Ryan Hansen has officially joined NBC’s law-themed comedy Bad Judge. He’s going to play Gary Boyd, a character that is described as “a hacky-sack playing psychiatrist who makes all his money as an expert witness in the court system.” He’s also the “on-again, off-again sex buddy” of Kate Walsh’s Rebecca Wright, the “bad judge” from the title. In other words, Hansen is going to play a character pretty similar to all of the others that he has played, except this time he’s a successful psychiatrist.

Hansen recently appeared on CBS’ Bad Teacher—presumably as another hacky sack-playing sex buddy, because c’mon—which seems to suggest that he has entered a new phase in his career where he’ll only appear in things that fit this “Bad ____” naming convention. Maybe his next show can be a police procedural-themed comedy called Bad Cop. Then he can star in a goofy Disney Channel show about talking animals called Bad Dog. After that, he could do an Anchorman-style parody called Bad News. Maybe by then he’ll be able to appear in a remake of the Michael Bay classic Bad Boys. Finally—in what will become his defining role—he’ll star in Bad Joke, a dramatization of this very Newswire post.


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