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Party Down movie really is happening, really

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When last we checked in on the possibility of a Party Down movie, creator Rob Thomas said that the imminent runaway success of NBC’s Free Agents could complicate writer John Enbom’s ability to do a sequel, and we still lived in a world where the prolonged Arrested Development tease served as a cautionary example regarding expecting your canceled cult TV shows to be magically revived. But now here we are, with Free Agents already a distant memory and Arrested Development making surprise deals with Netflix, so it’s slightly easier to believe Megan Mullally when she confirmed at the TCAs that Enbom is writing the Party Down movie right now, with plans to start filming in late spring or early summer.


Promisingly, Mullally mentioned Enbom showing an outline to “investors,” who are the people with the money, and they “enthusiastically approved,” which suggests they then agreed to hand over some of that money. Even more promisingly, she says the entire cast is expected to return with the possible exception of Jane Lynch, who is busy that day, whatever day that might be. Mullally added that she believed the film would pick up immediately after the second season finale and also hinted that we may meet “Lydia's ex-husband—Ed I think is name—who was really racist and a misogynist.” So, lots of almost-concrete details there to fuel expectations for the next year or so.

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