What if the three-year time jump at the end of last season’s Parks And Recreation finale was a 300 year time jump? That’s a notion that “Parks And Trek”–a cheeky mashup of Parks and Star Trek: The Next Generation by UK comics artist and author Neill Cameron–teases with in this series of portraits.

First up, there’s Captain Leslie Knope, of the U.S.S. Spirit of Pawnee.


Then there’s Commander (and First Officer) Ron Swanson. Though he’s probably too short for the Riker Maneuver, he could probably build a chair small enough to accomplish it.

Tom Haverford, naturally, takes Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge’s spot, joined by “Ensign DJ Roomba.”


Then there’s Security Chief Andy Dwyer, who despite (or perhaps because of) his lunkishness it can be assumed would be basically unkillable.


There’s more over at Cameron’s Twitter feed and website. He’s releasing new images daily and plans to do “At least three, maybe more? Will see how obscure it gets,” he told The A.V. Club. So the dream of Jeremy Jamm as a Ferengi is alive and well, for now.

[via io9]