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Parks And Recreation's Michael Schur is working on a cop show

As Parks And Recreation prepares to enter its fifth season, co-creator Michael Schur and writer Dan Goor are already looking to mine laughs from another corner of local government, which continues to be very funny whenever it is fictional. According to Deadline, the duo recently sparked a bidding war with a pitch for a single-camera comedy following a group of detectives working in one of the boroughs in New York City—a comedy they will executive produce through NBC Universal television, even though are still fielding offers beyond that network. ("It's a cop show set in New York C—" Schur will say, before being interrupted by shouts of dollar figures.) For those worried that this neo-Barney Miller-esque sitcom could somehow distract Schur from Parks, rest assured that he's said repeatedly that he has no intention of leaving that series until it's over, and that humans are often capable of thinking about more than one thing.


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