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Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope gets her chance to give Joe Biden his own private victory party

As we voted Tuesday to live in a sexy nation, next week will see Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope finally get to meet the man of her bureauc-erotic dreams, Vice President Joe Biden. Biden's cameo in the Nov. 15 episode was filmed during the same D.C. shoot that featured appearances from John McCain et al., but it was withheld until after Nov. 6, due to Federal Election Commission rules that would have deemed it an implicit political endorsement—even if that endorsement is just a thumbs up for sexy time.

Not that politics had anything to do with Biden agreeing to swagger by: According to Michael Schur, getting Biden to appear was "so much less difficult than we ever possibly imagined," given that Biden—like his boss—made it clear he was a fan of the show and its "pro-public service message," and presumably they promised him a meatball sub after. And, as you can gather by the grin and subtle beginning of a strut in the preview clip below (which, as with all things Biden, you should mentally soundtrack to Jefferson Starship's "Jane"), it probably doesn't hurt that Biden also knows he's the entirety of Leslie Knope's celebrity sex list. [via Entertainment Weekly]


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