Parks And Recreation has been dropping hints all along that office doormat Jerry Gergich has a pretty great home life to balance all the abuse he takes at work, and now the show is ready to make that even more explicit with the casting of his oft-mentioned wife, Gayle. It's Christie Brinkley, former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl and subject of several crappy Billy Joel songs, and she'll be introduced in the same November episode that features this season's now-obligatory return of Megan Mullally. The casting of Brinkley makes a certain sense, seeing as Brinkley has historically been shown to be open to dating disproportionately attractive men, Jerry's daughter Millicent confirms he must have coupled with some pretty stellar DNA, and of course, there's the fact that Jerry has an enormous penis. It is, in fact, "landing Christie Brinkley" big.