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Parks And Recreation is about to introduce Jean-Ralphio's twin sister

Illustration for article titled emParks And Recreation /emis about to introduce Jean-Ralphios twin sister

Based, one would assume, on a slight physical resemblance and a shared tendency to say inappropriate things, Saturday Night Live exile Jenny Slate has been cast as the twin sister of Ben Schwartz's Jean-Ralphio on Parks And Recreation, appearing in at least one upcoming episode this season. According to Entertainment Weekly, Slate's character is named Mona Lisa, she'll work in the Rent-A-Swag store recently launched by Aziz Ansari's Tom, and she'll also be kind of a terrible person for anyone to partner up with in a business venture, because that's how comedy happens. What with that recent "Meet The Gergiches" episode and now this, Parks is certainly working to fill in some of the backstories of its tangential players. Should the show enjoy a Simpsons-like run, perhaps six seasons from now we can look forward to learning about Perd Hapley's home life. (That is, the life he lives at his home.)


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