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Parks And Recreation casts its Tammy One

Only hours after Parks And Recreation creator Michael Schur expertly danced around our question regarding the casting of Tammy One, Ron Swanson’s first foray into terrifying wives named “Tammy,” the mystery actress has been revealed: TV Line reports that Patricia Clarkson will step into the role for two episodes, beginning with September’s season premiere, and fulfill Schur’s quest for a Rosalind Russell/Betty Davis/Joan Crawford-type with the appropriate mix of sultriness and intimidation. Presumably Clarkson will, as Schur suggests, dye her hair (or wear a wig) to meet Ron’s oft-stated preference for brunettes. Or perhaps her being a blonde will reveal heretofore-untapped dimensions of Ron Swanson. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter; we're just glad the whole Oprah campaign didn't work out.


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