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We’ve already seen Kristen Bell, Sam Elliott, and Billy Eichner cast is Parks And Recreation’s upcoming “doppelgänger” episode that ignores most established definitions of “doppelgänger,” and now the show has finally found its counterpart for Aubrey Plaza’s April Ludgate. It’s June Diane Raphael, known for her appearances in shows like NTSF:SD:SUV and Party Down, and stories like that recent one involving her and writing partner Casey Wilson.


According to Michael Schur, Raphael will be cool but rude as “a rich, boozy, Real Housewives type” in the Eagleton Parks Department—like Bell’s “richer and better dressed” equivalent of Leslie Knope, a bizarro version of April’s relatively poor, deadpan, person who hates Real Housewives types. Anyway, that leaves only Jerry to be announced (or overlooked, which would also be appropriate), as Schur has said repeatedly that Tom Haverford’s counterpart will remain a mystery because of “the concept behind it.” So we’re calling it now: Tom’s doppelgänger is the Higgs boson.

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