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Illustration for article titled Parker Posey committed to iCrazy House/i, in first of many iCrazy House/i puns to come

Taking on a role she’d be insane to pass up, Parker Posey has joined the cast of Comedy Central’s upcoming asylum-set pilot, Crazy House. Most recently seen on TV in guest turns on The Good Wife, Louie, and New Girl, the actress will play the head of a mental institution that becomes the home of Crazy House’s two leads, after they cop a plea for putting their landlord in a coma (a dependent clause that requires no wordplay because that setup is already pretty crazy). Posey is currently billed as a guest of Crazy House (different kind of pun), but her character, Dr. Krimmens, could join the staff on a permanent basis (medical-hiring pun) if Comedy Central commits (re-used pun from the headline) to a series order. The pilot’s cast also includes Eugene Mirman, Johnny Pemberton, and Erik Charles “Garrett from Community” Nielsen, comedic performers for whom Crazy House will surely not be the first time they’ve been called “nuts.” (But this time it won’t be a well-meaning uncle or a spiteful ex saying it.) 


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