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Park Chan-wook to helm sci-fi thriller Second Born

Celebrated Korean director Park Chan-wook has signed on to direct the science-fiction thriller Second Born. Based on an original screenplay by David Jagernauth, the film takes place in a futuristic society where people use neural microchip implants to store their conscious minds while swapping bodies on the black market. And while this premise doesn’t sound quite lurid enough for the director of films like Oldboy and Stoker, we’re sure that the characters will have to murder people housed in their former bodies, or maybe jump into their mothers’ bodies and have sex with their fathers, who are actually hosting the minds of a cabal of perverted psychopaths. Either way, you’ll still watch these monkeyshines, because no one ever said being a film lover is easy.

Presumably, Park will tackle this film once he finishes adapting the lesbian crime novel Fingersmith, which also doesn’t sound very obscene—unless you’re a generally conservative viewer with a keen eye for double entendre. But in that case, you probably wouldn’t watch any Park Chan-wook film, and you definitely stopped reading in the previous paragraph.


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