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Paris Hilton slurs in a pool and Lil Wayne raps about butts and that’s a song

Earlier this year it was announced that Cash Money Records had signed former search engine result Paris Hilton, news that—in addition to the signing of, and subsequent releasing of a song and video by, Limp Bizkit—suggests that Cash Money Records is dying of cancer, and is determined to do as much evil as it can in the short time it has left.

Today came the first volley in that malevolent campaign in the form of a video teaser for “Good Time,” a song in which the wealthy bikini person writhes around in a pool of what is presumably some sort of fruit-flavored vodka, with the Red Bull Nymph asking repeatedly in her robot voice whether you’re having a good time at her glowstick-and-inflatable-dolphin party—because she’s having a good time, beep boop 1010101. She’s also feeling a bit tipsy, but that’s okay, because you’re there. Also, it’s just good to feel something.


Then, because it’s a Cash Money song, Lil Wayne shows up and raps about butts.

I’m fucked up … I can’t tell you what’s what.

All she know is suck, fuck.

I walked up to a big butt, and asked her ass, “Butt what?”

Indeed, “Butt what?” Butt, what are we to make of Lil Wayne’s determination to guest star on so many terrible songs by terrible people? Butt, what if every lackluster, lapsing-into-self-parody verse is a cry for help, echoing inside a big butt? Butt, what hath the terrible pressures of fame wrought upon our artists? Butt, why?

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