We've been trying really, really hard to ignore this Paris Hilton thing, but when you get a headline like this ("Screaming Paris Hilton sent back to jail"), it's hard to resist talking about it. As you no doubt know—whether you want to or not—Paris Hilton was recently released early from her already paltry 23-day sentence due to a still-unnamed "medical reason" and placed under house arrest. However, it seems as though the judge and state's attorney who put her there in the first place (not to mention anyone even passingly familiar with the idea of "justice") had a problem with that, as they ordered her to return to court this morning.

In a not-at-all surprising move, a scant hour ago the judge ordered her back to the Los Angeles County Jail, this time insisting she serve her entire 45-day sentence. Also not so surprising was how the hotel heiress handled it: Screaming and crying to the point that "her body shook constantly," and shouting repeatedly, "It's not fair!" and "Mom!" as she was led away. Somewhat surprising is this video capturing the reaction to the announcement of one Mr. Jake Byrd of Chino, either the world's scariest Paris fan or one of the greatest ironists the world has ever known.