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Paris Hilton is totally ruining Robert Redford's Sundance and she wasn't even invited

Now in its 32nd year, the Sundance Film Festival is enjoying greater attendance and filmmaking diversity than ever—all of which founder Robert Redford could enjoy if only Paris Hilton would just go home because no one likes her. Redford seemed to hit the breaking point last week while contemplating how Sundance’s popularity had made it “not as much fun” anymore, now that it’s been overrun by “too many people who come to the festival to leverage their own self-interest”—crowding out people who come to the festival to leverage their own self-interest but at least have movies to screen and, crucially, are not Paris Hilton. “She didn’t have anything to do with the films. I said, ‘What movie is she in?’” Redford whispered to a room full of his best friends and panel attendees, presumably adding that she still thinks she’s a hottie even though she’s such a nottie, and asking everyone there to make a pact to just totally ignore her.

Since the festival’s launch—and, perhaps not coincidentally, since Paris Hilton’s arrival—Redford has been increasingly negative about Sundance, saying he probably wouldn’t launch it again today, when there are just “too many festivals” competing in a crowded indie film marketplace that Paris Hilton could show up at, and even hinting that he might take the festival out of Park City so Paris Hilton can’t find it. (However, Redford shot down rumors he’s exploring a move to Brooklyn, probably while jerking his head in Hilton's direction and telling everyone to shhhh, be cool.) “I love Park City!” Paris Hilton tweeted on Saturday while heading to one of Sundance’s pop-up nightclubs, no doubt causing Robert Redford to seethe quietly, “God, I hate her” and go somewhere else. Fortunately, Hilton left last night, meaning Robert Redford can at least try to enjoy these few remaining days.


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