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Paris Hilton is a DJ now, because of course she is

Paris Hilton, once of vagina-flashing and do-nothing fame, has chosen a new career path: professional DJ. Hilton—who maybe, sort of dated EDM icon Afrojack at one point—made her debut on the ones and twos this weekend at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Clad in a sparkly leotard and bedazzled headphones, like any other serious DJ would be, Hilton played tracks while dancing awkwardly and twisting knobs, an act in which she has extensive experience.

At one point, Hilton miscued her own track, accidentally blasting Rihanna’s “We Found Love” instead. She did her best to cover it up, but instead just ended up awkwardly singing over the sonic mess. As with anything nowadays, the whole excruciating thing was captured on film, below. Hilton seems happy with her effort, though, tweeting that it was “one of the best night’s [sic] of my life!”

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