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Parents rejoice as Caillou finally meets its long-overdue demise

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Screenshot: PBS Kids

PBS Kids has so many great shows to offer: Wild Kratts, Molly Of Denali, Peg + Kat. It makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind would have their child watch Caillou—the annoying bald 4-year-old with the most grating voice in all of animation—on purpose. The star of such smash hit singles as 2017’s “Brush Our Teeth” has been taunting young children (well, mostly their parents) since 1997, with his five seasons and 144 episodes of television functioning as a PBS Kids staple. But now, at long last, PBS Kids is ready to cut the simpering star of the show right off, announcing that it will quit airing the perennial children’s series.

To join in on the celebration, just follow the #CaillouIsOverParty hashtag on Twitter to track all of the rejoicing parents:


Sure, options were more limited for ’90s kids than they are today, and the simplistic, primary-colored adaptation of Hélène Desputeaux’s books at least offered kids something to watch in the days before streaming. Today, thanks to the plethora of better options on PBS Kids and elsewhere, it’s less than surprising that Caillou’s demise has finally arrived, sending everyone’s least favorite 4-year-old off to that big playdate in the sky (or, you know, YouTube).

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