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Paranormal Activity director working on similarly styled TV show The River

Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli is set to bring that same shaky-cam cinema-verite style of horror to the small screen with The River, a DreamWorks-produced pseudo-documentary thriller about a famed TV adventurer who goes missing in the Amazon jungle, and the friends and crew who board a “state-of-art research vessel” to search for him. So it’s Heart Of Darkness meets Deadliest Catch meets The Office, sort of, only with way more “What was that?!” moments. Peli is set to executive produce and possibly direct a pilot, while veteran TV writer Michael R. Perry (who also wrote the upcoming Paranormal Activity sequel) handles the script. Not surprisingly, the pitch sparked a bidding war between ABC and NBC, though Deadline reports that it looks as though ABC won out with its “rich put pilot commitment.” Of course, TV has gone all aflutter over this kind of thing before when it swarmed over the creators of The Blair Witch Project, so here’s hoping The River manages to live longer than FreakyLinks.


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