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Last week it was reported that Paramount would become the first major studio to switch to all-digital distribution, presaging a future where pedants would argue ever after that the word “film,” like the word “tape” before it, is technically incorrect. But as much fun as that future sounded, Paramount took a half-step back in a letter to exhibitors this week, saying that it would sometimes make “select exceptions” to this new, all-digital rule. For example, from now on, it will distribute most of its major releases in digital formats only, except when they’re made by Christopher Nolan and he doesn’t want them to—such as on his upcoming Interstellar. Copies of Nolan’s next mind-and-corn-bending opus will be released Nov. 7, on both digital disc and the actual film that he shot on and prefers. And while Nolan is probably one of the few directors who can command that sort of indulgence, and such “exceptions” will surely be a rarity, at least those who lamented that Paramount’s final release on celluloid would be Anchorman 2 can rest assured it will be something else.


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