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Paramount still refuses to stop playing with its G.I. Joes

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We’ve had two big-budget G.I. Joe movies over the course of the last decade, thoroughly mainstream action movies as notable for their willingness to chuck actors in and out of the limelight—most pointedly swapping out Channing Tatum for Dwayne Johnson in the 2013 sequel—like so many interchangeable action figures, as for any of their actual plot beats or setpieces. But both films were also moderate box office successes, and so, like a child who knows there is nothing but broccoli and Brussels sprouts waiting for them in their future, the studio continues to refuse to put its G.I. Joes away and just come down to eat.

We already knew that Paramount was working on a Snake Eyes spin-off movie, in which Ray Park’s silent ninja operative teams up with Gary Sinise and Nic Cage to investigate an assassination at a boxing match. (We may be slightly confused here.) There have also been a long series of reports about the fate of a third main series Joe movie, with much of it centered on ensuring Johnson’s return. (And also, maybe, the Transformers?) Now, THR reports that yet another G.I. Joe movie is also in the works, with prolific TV writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (who also wrote and produced on the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies) penning a script for a spin-off film that would at least partially center on beloved G.I. Joe character Chuckles.

You remember Chuckles, right? The one in the Hawaiian shirt? He was an undercover operative? He was…probably…in the cartoon at some point?

Okay, fine, you got us: We have very little clue who the fuck Chuckles is. Still, the idea of a G.I. Joe movie focused on undercover infiltration of evil terrorist bases does sound mildly interesting. Better than Brussels sprouts, at least.

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