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The idea of a Top Gun 2 that was served up last year—spinning in a slow, languorous arc on its journey to Tom Cruise and his younger, even more bronzed teammates—has been spiked, according to The New York Times, who reports that the sequel has landed in the sandy pit of despair following the suicide of director Tony Scott. After most recently passing through The Town writer Peter Craig, the project “has fallen apart” entirely, leaving Paramount with a 3-D remaster of the first film that was intended to inspire a newer, more 21st-century need for speed in its audience. But with no sequel to promote, and the shadow of Scott’s death now hanging over everything Top Gun, the studio is reportedly struggling with a way to go about releasing and promoting Top Gun 3-D without coming off as “insensitive or exploitative.” Fortunately for them, as Meat Loaf recently warned us, the reelection of President Obama ensures that the Cold War will be starting up again any day now, once again making Top Gun incredibly timely.


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