Suggesting that negative comments on the Internet have slowly begun manifesting themselves into some sort of telekinetic force, Paramount has shut down production on Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, delaying its release to at least summer 2014 after becoming concerned that there may be problems with the Michael Bay-endorsed script, which is certainly a possibility. Fixing those problems would seem to be relatively quick and easy—a simple matter of finding all mentions of the word "alien" and replacing them with "mutant," for instance, with a brief pause for wondering why it ever came to this in the first place. But The Hollywood Reporter says that the work stoppage is "indefinite" with the pre-production staff all being temporarily laid off, suggesting Bay and his team plan take a serious look at some of those early criticisms, then do everything but address them directly. After all, that is what wusses would do.