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Paramount releases 5 minutes of Ghost In The Shell that you can freely judge

Ghost In The Shell

The internet has a bad habit of judging things sight unseen, especially when it comes to movies that are adaptations of beloved, preexisting properties. This can be a wise decision, since it’s a good way to prevent the disappointment that often comes with high-profile adaptations, but it can also make the discourse surrounding an upcoming thing very cynical or bitter. The Scarlett Johansson-starring Ghost In The Shell movie has been facing a reaction like that pretty much ever since it was announced, but its detractors were still basing all of their knee-jerk judgments on (fairly well-reasoned) assumptions.

Now, though, Paramount has released a full, five-minute clip from the beginning of the movie that everyone in the internet is free to judge as much as they want.


Still, if you’d rather wait until you can see the whole movie before deciding if you like it or not, the rest of Ghost In The Shell will be in theaters on March 30.

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