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Paramount readying to reboot the rebooted Friday The 13th with a reboot

As teased by that final, surprise shot of a hand bursting out to sign an agreement relinquishing all of Warner Bros.’ financial rights, Friday The 13th is set to rise again, again, at Paramount, with a reboot of the reboot of the long-running franchise last rebooted in 2009. Hoping to reboot the story of Jason Vorhees for a newer, younger generation of five years later, the studio is reportedly in talks with director David Bruckner, whose “Amateur Night” segment was a standout in the horror anthology movie V/H/S. As The Wrap suggests, Bruckner’s involvement could mean producers are interested in employing a found-footage approach to Friday The 13th, as “found footage” is among the few remaining gimmicks yet to be applied to a franchise that’s already employed 3-D multiple times, had crossovers with other horror movies, and sent its character to New York, Hell, and outer space. The remaining options would therefore be found footage or sending Jason to “Da Hood.”

Like the 2009 reboot of Friday The 13th, the new Friday The 13th reboot will also be produced through Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, where even the most recent of horror movie reboots are soon swallowed by the wind-whipped sands of time. While most of the details are still being decided, the release date has long been set for Friday, March 13, 2015, which is, frankly, the only detail that has ever mattered to Paramount.


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