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Paramount pulls Terminator Genisys sequyl, replaces it with Baywatch

Terminator Genisys

Signaling the ynd of an yra—specifically, the one in which we made jokes about its endlessly mockable title— Paramount has announced that it’s pulling the sequel to last year’s Terminator Genisys from its 2017 release schedule. Despite a strong showing in China, the fifth entry in the franchise has long been termed a “bubble” film—i.e., one that does reasonably well at the box office, but not well enough to justify the automatic sequel that studios so commonly crave. The prospective sequel, as well as all the T-3000s, T-10000s, and T-bajillions we’ll never get to meet, are being replaced on the studio’s timeline by another traveler from a distant era: The Baywatch movie, which has taken up the sci-fi thriller’s vacated May 19, 2017 slot, and will hopefully be able to provide audiences with a more box office-friendly tale of artificial bodies slamming into each other in meticulously photographed slow motion.

[via Deadline]


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