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It hasn’t even been a year since Viacom transformed the manly man network Spike TV into the more inclusive Paramount Network, and things are already looking better than ever before. According to The Wrap, the Paramount Network’s new high-profile Kevin Costner ranch drama Yellowstone is the highest-rated show in the history of the network—going back to its Spike TV days and, presumably, even its Nashville Network days back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Apparently, more people will watch your shows when they’re not exclusively targeted to fans of country music or manly men.


Yellowstone’s ratings are even so good that it’s the second most-watched show on all of cable, with only The Walking Dead topping it. Considering that The Walking Dead has seen better days, there is a chance now that Yellowstone could even overtake AMC’s zombie phenomenon someday. Basically, it’s just a matter of time before Yellowstone merchandise starts filling up that back wall of your local Target.

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