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In just a couple years, the Paramount Network’s I Am documentary series has somehow turned into a long-running franchise, telling stories about Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, Richard Pryor, Chris Farley, Sam Kinison, Evil Knievel, Steve McQueen, Martin Luther King Jr., and John F. Kennedy Jr. (some of these things are not like the others). According to Deadline, the series will continue with I Am Patrick Swayze, a documentary about the life of the greatest dancer/surfing bank robber/bouncer/ghost in the history of Hollywood. The doc will feature interviews with Swayze’s “friends and loved ones,” including wife Lisa Niemi, brother Don Swayze (best known for looking a lot like his brother and for being a creepy boat guy on an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and co-stars Sam Elliott, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Kelly Lynch, Demi Moore, Lori Petty, and Marshall R. Teague.


Keanu Reeves is apparently too busy to show up and pay tribute to Bodhi, which is bullshit, but at least Tony Goldwyn knows better than to show his fucking face anywhere near this documentary. Oh sure, he got dragged to hell at the end of that movie, but he deserved much worse. Also, no Kelly Bishop? Their characters never really interacted in Dirty Dancing, but Jerry Orbach died and she was at least there for Swazye’s big line. Anyway, I Am Patrick Swayze will air on the Paramount Network on August 18—Swayze’s birthday.

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