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From the same “Li’l Hitchcock” series that brought you the Rear Window-for-teens Disturbia, Paramount is reportedly developing The Kid Who Knew Too Much, a remake of Hitchcock’s classic The Man Who Knew Too Much for a younger, Internettier demographic. In addition to bringing in hot dogs and rock ’n’ roll music, the story would reverse the roles so that, rather than a couple whose accidental encounter with a foreign spy results in their child being kidnapped, it’s a child trying to ensure the safe return of his parents, even though their absence means he can talk on the phone and stay out alllll night.


While contemporary remakes of things that were fine the first time are always cause for scorn, Hitchcock himself obviously wasn’t averse to the idea of differing versions of The Man Who Knew Too Much, considering he remade his 1934 original in 1956 and was vocal about how much he preferred the new one. However, considering the legal fallout over Disturbia’s similarities to Rear Window, it’s not clear yet whether The Kid Who Knew Too Much is aiming to be an overt remake—though if it’s not, it should probably lose that title. (Actually, it may want to do that anyway, as it sounds a bit like a lost Scotty Schwartz film from 1984.) [Badass Digest via /Film]

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