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Screenshot: Heathers (Paramount Network/YouTube)

In February, the Paramount Network delayed the debut of its TV reboot of Heathers after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, explaining that one of the “challenging subjects” the show tackled—along with personal identity, race, and socio-economic status—was gun violence. Now, Variety is reporting that Heathers finally has a new premiere date, with the Paramount Network announcing that it will now be coming on July 10 in a weirdly intense Instagram post:


Like the 1988 movie it’s based on, Heathers is about a high school student who plots to kill the evil cool kids, but as we noted after seeing a since-pulled trailer earlier this year, the storyline’s modern reinvention seems to be bringing along some inadvertently unfortunate messaging about a straight, white hero regaining control of the school from the more diverse clique of Heathers. At least now we know when we’ll have a chance to see if Heathers is better than its old trailers made it seem.

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