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Paramount is making a horror movie about a killer podcast

Photo: Ian Waldie (Getty Images)

Why allow yourself to be killed by spending a mere minute-plus watching a video, a la The Ring, when you could drag it out for the length of an entire podcast? That’s the exciting proposition of an upcoming movie that dares to ask the question, “Is anything more deadly than a shitty podcast?”

A killer podcast is the conceit behind Meet Jimmy, a short film that Deadline reports has been purchased by Paramount in order to turn into a full-length horror film. Made by Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen, the short reportedly deals with a mysterious podcast that, once listened to, has terrible consequences. The story is being described as a cross between The Ring and Nightmare On Elm Street, so maybe it’s so boring, you fall asleep and never wake up? Or perhaps the podcast episode is seven days long, an ordeal that would kill even the most dedicated listener among us.


This makes the third horror short producers at The Picture Company have turned into a feature film this year, continuing the trend of earlier movies from shorts like Lights Out and Mama. No word yet on whether it’s possible to just get a minor headache from the evil podcast if you stop listening after the first ten minutes of obnoxious intro chit-chat, the way normal podcasts often do.

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