According to Deadline, Paramount has scrapped its four-year-plus plans to create a new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s yummy spice cookbook Dune. The project has been a rocky one from the start, with various directors from Peter Berg to Taken’s Pierre Morel attached at one time or another, and several different writers taking stabs at the script and trying desperately to avoid a rehash of David Lynch’s ill-fated version in 1984. Eventually, Paramount—who’s just hemorrhaging expensive science-fiction ideas left and right these days—decided that even though they found a workable script, the cost just wasn’t worth it, and allowed its rights to lapse. Nevertheless, the person in control of those rights, Richard P. Rubenstein, remains convinced that he can still make it somewhere with someone, potentially with Morel and his original collaborator Chase Palmer. All Rubinstein needs now is $100 million, so get your Kickstarter campaign together.