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Paramount buys football movie from Veep’s Matt Walsh and Timothy Simons


Matt Walsh and Timothy Simons apparently took some breaks from their busy schedules of calling each other fuck-sticks and dickheads on the set of Veep to put together a movie pitch, which the duo has now managed to sell to Paramount. The movie is called Red Shirt—a sports term often deployed by football people in an effort to bait nerds into outing themselves as Star Trek fans—and, given the people involved, will probably feature a heavy dose of improvisation and references to the Chicago Bears.

Walsh, a comedy veteran and co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade, is a known football addict, hosting the Bear Down podcast for several years with a bunch of his friends from the UCB. Simons doesn’t have as many big sports credits on his resume—although his first IMDB entry as an actor is for playing “Sports Guy” in a short film, so there you go—but has proven himself just as adept as Walsh at lobbing— sports term!—insults at his co-workers on Veep with athlete-like precision and grace.


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