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Panhandling superheroes outlawed on Hollywood Boulevard

Via SuperHeroHype: Wielding zingers like "Zorro tolerance policy" and "character crackdown," KTLA News is reporting that the LAPD has ordered all superhero-costumed panhandlers—a staple of Hollywood Boulevard for years—to clear off the strip or face arrest. The poignant ups and downs of these colorful, masked-and-Spandexed spare-changers is documented in the 2007 film Confessions Of A Superhero, which The Man apparently hasn't gotten around to seeing.

According to the report, the LA City Council and the LAPD are both denying that the order to round up the heroes came from them; while the confusion gets sorted out, Christopher "Superman" Dennis, one of the "street performers" prominently featured in Confessions, can be seen in this KTLA clip talking about how dead the Hollywood Walk Of Fame looks now that tourists aren't lining up to get their photos taken with Batman and Spider-Man.


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