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Pandora to set itself apart from Spotify by doing the thing Spotify does

(Image: Pandora)

While video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu sort of fill different roles, it’s a little harder to differentiate between all of the various music streaming platforms. Pandora is more like radio, Spotify is like a virtual music library, Tidal is like Spotify for people who get priority seating on airplanes, and Apple Music is for people who are paid to promote Apple Music, but they all generally have the same content. According to the Wall Street Journal (via Uproxx), though, Pandora has come up with a unique way to compete with those other guys: It’s just going to do the same thing Spotify does.

A move like this has been pretty much expected ever since Rdio shut down and Pandora bought what was left of its guts, but now we have a better idea of what to expect from this new branch of Pandora. For starters, the ad-supporting radio thing will stick around, and this new service will be a separate thing with its own monthly subscription fee. Also, it doesn’t sound like the new thing has a name yet—as it hasn’t been officially announced—but a spokesperson for Pandora suggests we’ll be hearing more about it later this year. Finally, Pandora will also be adding “more perks” to its existing $5 ad-free option, which could be fun.


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