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Panda Express douses its Killers beef in brown sauce, deep fries it for charity

Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

As you’re probably well aware, Twitter is generally a nightmare hellscape in which any person’s sanity is continuously pitted against an unceasing barrage of sociopathic abuse and maddening stupidity. But there are exceptions. For example, earlier this week, we reported that Panda Express and The Killers got into a minor online spat when it came to the Vegas-based band’s attention that the fast food chain was stuffing its fortune cookies with their intellectual property.


Because Twitter is like a prison exercise yard, a public shaming like this would normally result in an ever-escalating volley of angry subtweets, ALL CAPS insults and vaguely anti-Semitic gibberish until one side or the other found some other perceived slight on which to fixate. Not this time though. The ostensible adults representing both parties took deep breaths and worked together to find a solution that not only benefited both of them from a public relations perspective, but did some actual real-world good.

This really is a win-win for The Killers. Not only does this give them a little marketing boost shortly before they release a new album, but Serving Our Kids got some much-needed help bolstering the fortunes of the homeless and at-risk children of Nevada’s Clark County.


[via Vulture]


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