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Pamela Anderson gets own reality show

Because Playboy spreads and a sex tape apparently weren't revealing enough, E! announced today that it will launch a half-hour reality show starring Pamela Anderson beginning this summer. The evocatively titled Pamela will follow the many trials and travails of America's favorite pair of fake breasts (circa 1996) and the marginally talented actress parasitically attached to them, with World Of Wonder Productions—the doc house behind Inside Deep Throat, but lest we forget, the evil bastards behind Tori And Dean: Inn Love—and Comcast Int'l. Media promising an "observational tone" and "no contrived situations." Instead they will merely be there to capture the very real, very authentic day-to-day life of one of America's most visible sex symbols: Buying groceries, playing with her kids, marrying Kid Rock, divorcing Kid Rock, working with PETA, doing yoga, giving Hugh Hefner a present he's already opened, marrying Rick Solomon, divorcing Rick Solomon, divorcing Kid Rock again just to be sure and because hey, she's already there, cashing her Barb Wire royalty check, wondering aloud why no one takes her seriously…You know, the usual. (The real winners here are, of course, those crybabies in Serbia, who will finally get the chance to see what real problems look like.)

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