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Pamela Anderson decries the U.K. as "America's bitch" after Julian Assange arrest

“Get me the Queen.”
Photo: Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images)

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks co-founder and political lightning rod, was arrested this morning at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange had been in refuge at the embassy for seven years, first to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case and then, after that case was dropped, a lesser 2012 charge for skipping bail. Assange has apparently been a nightmare tenant for the embassy, though, and Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno said the country had “reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange,” the BBC reports. All you had to do was feed your cat and stop leaking hacked e-mails, Julian! Nevertheless, the U.S. is now seeking to extradite Assange after unsealing an indictment alleging conspiracy to commit computer intrusion in conjunction with the Chelsea Manning whistleblowing.

There’s plenty of debate to be had about Wikileaks and the freedom of the press (and Assange’s ties to the Trump family), and at the center of it you’ll find none other than Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch star and model who, over the last several years, has begun penning poems about how “sexy” he is. This morning, Anderson took to Twitter to both express her “shock” at the arrest and make an enemy of the British government.


“He looks very bad. How could you Equador ? (Because he exposed you),” Anderson tweeted. “How could you UK. ? Of course – you are America’s bitch and you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullshit.”

That doesn’t mean she’s flying the red, white, and blue, though. “And the USA? This toxic coward of a President He needs to rally his base?” she added in a separate tweet. “You are selfish and cruel. You have taken the entire world backwards. You are devils and liars and thieves. And you will ROTT And WE WILL RISE.”


If Anderson visits him in prison, she’d be wise not to bring any vegan sandwiches, lest the Wikileaks horde again ignites into conspiracy. You know they’re just waiting for a reason to.

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