(Photo: JP Yim/Getty Image)

Fresh off an Emmy nomination for her FX series Better Things, Pamela Adlon has apparently decided to spend her newfound clout by tossing herself into the whirling gears and gaping robot maws of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. Per Deadline, Adlon is in talks to appear in the Transformers spin-off movie, Bumblebee, where she’d play the mother of star Hailee Stanfield.

As watchers of the franchise know, Transformers is as ravenous for talented guest stars as robot dinosaurs are for glowing blue rocks. The franchise is loaded with people who make you go, “Hey, what are they doing in a Transformers mov—” before the next rapid, brain-melting edit has carried you away, and all traces of Anthony Hopkins or Frances McDormand have been wiped from your mind. (And that’s how we end up with poor old John Turturro, covered in robot piss.)


Anyway, Bumblebee is currently aiming at June 4, 2018 release.